Aveda Hair Treatments- UNMASKED!

Wonder if your hair is DRY, DAMAGED, or BOTH?  Is your scalp supposed to do that? Are your curls more like tumbleweeds? HOW is your Color ALREADY faded?

These questions and more will be answered when we UNMASK Aveda’s collection of hair masks and treatments.



Self Care Series- Water-Shmater

Hello Lotus Tribe!

I'm starting a mini series on the importance of self care. Lotus Day Spa believes in taking care of yourself, giving you the space and resources to feel great and get more compliments. Over the course of the series, i'm going to highlight some techniques, tips, and tricks to help you feel great everyday at Lotus and with Aveda products. Yay!

Water. H20. Water and I have such a rollercoaster of a relationship.

Trying to drink the recommended 100 oz of water daily is the most challenging thing i've done in terms of self care. It's plain, doesn't taste that great, and I struggled this past week with my water intake. I want to challenge the Lotus Tribe, let's drink our water every day this week! Here's how:

1. Drink water out of a water bottle that you actually LOVE.

Invest in a swell or hydroflask- at Lotus we have pretty ones that you can purchase, too! (great for the environment!)

2. Infuse your water with fruits, herbs, or vegetables. 

Add flavor and perk yourself up with a fresh and healthy flavor. (I suggest any in season fruits! Blueberries, yum)

3. Keep water with you at all times.

I find it helpful when I have my water bottle next to my work station, and every time I even think about water, I drink! It helps me continuously sip throughout the workday. Also keeping my water bottle by my bedside so I can rehydrate after my 8 hours!

4. Make a routine out of it. 

Every time I cleanse my face before bed, I drink. Every morning when I moisturize, I drink. When I'm joining a new habit with one that I already have established, it makes it WAY easier. Trust me. 

Anecdotally, I've noticed a HUGE change in my overall well being just by making the effort to drink more water.

I feel more energized, and my skin is clearer- something that coffee sometimes can't fix. ;)

Skin care is the foundation of feeling great- and what we put in our bodies reflects on the outside. Keeping up with our skin care routine, monthly facials, and being aware of what we are consuming is the ultimate tip I can give. 

Join the challenge & feel great this week, Lotus fans!


Happy Lotus-versary!

It's the one year anniversary of our Esthetician and Nail technician, Hailey and Jill!


Over the past year they have grown so much and have done amazing things, formed great relationships with our clients and staff. It is a pleasure to work and have them a part of the Lotus team. 


Learn more about Hailey and Jill:

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 8.54.07 AM 

Hailey - Esthetician

Yuma School of Beauty

-What made you want to do what you do?

“I grew up forcing my 3 sisters to be hair and makeup mannequins for my wild imagination and my passion for the beauty industry blossomed from there!”

-What makes your day at work?

“I love when I can show a guest something new that they have never before experience, whether that be how amazingly smooth a full face wax makes you feel or how bright your skin can look with the right products.”

-When you’re not making people look and feel great, what do you like to do?

“U enjoy reading and spending time adventuring with my husband and two dogs.”

-What’s your favorite AVEDA Product?

“Everything Stress Fix”

-Which service do you believe is your specialty?



Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 8.54.14 AM

Jill - Nail Technician

Yuma School of Beauty

-What made you want to do what you do?

“I’ve always had a passion for nails and going o beauty school, and now working at Lotus, makes me love it even more!”

-What makes your day at work?

“When I can make someone feel even more beautiful!”

-When you’re not making people look and feel great, what do you like to do?

“I love to read and love to knit!”

-What’s your favorite AVEDA Product?

“Smooth Infusion!!”

-Which service do you believe is your specialty?

“Gel Polish glitter manicures! :)”

-What makes you, YOU?

“I love what I do!”


Texture Tonic- I need it!

Formulated with salt and sugar, Aveda’s new Texture Tonic can enhance your hand made curls, or can be used on wet hair to air dry into waves naturally. Sugar and salt fuse together to create that tousled texture and hold, with touchable softness and shiny locks. I’m over the crunchy, drying sea salt sprays. Where do I sign up?

After trying and eventually giving up on sea salt sprays, I resorted to creating these looks with my hot hair tools, which did take a toll on my hair. With the Yuma heat, plus a curling iron, PLUS a hair dryer, my hair was drier than the desert landscape. With Aveda’s new spray, I don't have to wake up earlier to heat style, and my hair gets a break. The sugar helps keep my hair soft and moisturized, while getting the benefits of the texture.

Luckily, we have these babies in stock, and I’m going to have to snag one before they sell out!
Just look at how great Hailey’s hair looks, styled by Lenitza.



Lotus Points of Difference

In the diverse industry of salons, spas and wellness, why choose Lotus Day Spa | Salon over the others? The short answer: Aveda Rituals of Renewal. The combined Aveda Ayurvedic Rituals of Renewal, the natural, organic and effective AVEDA Products and the unparalleled education of our Artists will provide you with a service that will provide balance inside and out. Whether it’s a hair, skin, nail or body service, your results will consistently surpass your expectations, make you feel good and get you more compliments than ever before. 

At Lotus Day Spa | Salon, every single service includes a ritual of renewal. Below are the list of rituals included in your services: 

Stress Relieving Hand Ritual
One of our Aveda Artists will help you release stress and tension in your hands, fingers and wrists with  relaxing massage movements while aromaology, using pure flower and plant essences, help revive the senses during your Color Processing time.

Stress Relieving Arm Ritual
One of our Aveda Artists will help you release stress and tension in your arms and wrists with relaxing massage movements while aromaology, using pure flower and plant essences, help revive the senses during your Color Processing time. 

Stress Relieving Neck and Shoulder Ritual
One of our Aveda Artists will help you release stress and tension in your neck and shoulders with relaxing massage movements while aromaology, using pure flower and plant essences, help revive the senses before your hair cut. 

Stress Relieving Scalp and Shoulder Ritual 
One of our Aveda Artists will help you release stress and tension in your scalp and shoulders with  relaxing massage movements while aromaology, using pure flower and plant essences, help revive the senses during your hair cut. 

Aroma Sensory Journey
One of our Aveda Artists will invite you to experience a range of pure flower and plant aromas. When you arrive at the aroma that invokes that instinctual “ahh,” you’ve found your balance. Your body knows best what you need; listen to it and discover how aromas can help find your balance included in every Lotus Service. 

Comforting Tea Ritual 
Steep yourself in comfort with a cup of comforting tea - our soothing 100% certified organic herbal infusion featuring licorice root and peppermint. Our naturally sweet tea is sugar-and caffeine-free. Enjoy our Aveda comforting tea ritual free with every visit to help calm your senses whether you’re in for a service or stopping in to shop.

Hair Finishing Touch Ritual 
Enjoy a free hair touch-up after your Aveda salon or spa treatment. We’ll select a finishing product that’s right for your hair - to help you look and feel your best after any service. 

Makeup Finishing Touch Ritual 
Enjoy a free makeup touch-up after your salon or spa treatment. We’ll show you new techniques and shades to help you look and feel your best after any service. 


Our Mission at Lotus

Our mission at Lotus is to make our guests and team feel great and get more compliments by being consistent, concerned, convenient and continually surpassing expectations.

In order to continually surpass your expectations and remain convenient, we have raised some of our prices due to the state mandated wage increase, effective 2/14/17. Take a look below to see which services will be changing and how that will affect our Inner Circle Memberships, Auto-Renewing Packages and Regular Packages.

Salon Services:
  Designer Artistic Designer Senior Designer Master Designer
Color + Highlight $115 $125 $130 $145
Full Highlight $100 $110 $115 $125
Hair Cut w/Chemical Service $25 $25 $25 $25

Facial Treatments:
Advanced Lotus Facial 25m $65, 50m $85
Age Intervention Facial $90
Retinol Plus Facial $110
The Real Peel $119
The Refine Peel $139
Clarifying Peel $139
Hand & Foot Services*:
Spa Manicure $35 Acrylic or Gel Full Set $55
Spa Pedicure $50 Pink and White Full Set $60
Classic Pedicure $40 Acrylic or Gell Fill $40
Hybrid Polish Manicure $40 Acrylic or Gel Overlay $50
Hybrid Polish Pedicure $50 Pink and White Fill $50
Gel Polish Change $25 Nail Enhancement Removal $18
*New Talent pricing options available.

Lash Extensions:
Full Set Lash Extensions** $195
Lash Extension Fill $95
Lash Extension Mini Fill $75
Makeup Application w/Strip Lashes $55
**Includes complimentary 10-day touch-up. Lash Cleanser not included.

Body Treatments:

We are excited to introduce two new services for your enjoyment:

Aroma Body Polish ($80) will be an exfoliating body treatment that is customized with Aveda body care products with your desired scent.

Aroma Body Wrap ($90) is a warming and detoxifying seaweed treatment customized with Aveda body products and your desired scent.

The price of our memberships and packages will reflect the price increase as follows:

Silver Inner Circle $119 a month

Gold Inner Circle $129 a month

With Auto-Renewing Packages, you can still save 15% off regular-priced series of 3 of your favorite services while the one-time package of 3 will save you 10% off the regular price.


The Cold, Hard Facts

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 12.11.52 PM

Cold therapy – or “cryotherapy” – is the practice of applying something cold to the source of pain. For years, cold therapy has been used to reduce pain, swelling and nerve activity using ice, cold packs, and ice baths. Now, topical cold therapy pain relievers like Biofreeze offer additional benefits.

Biofreeze vs. Ice

Ice is the original cold therapy solution. Like Biofreeze, it reduces arterial blood flow to the applied area, while increasing circulation in the skin. There are some disadvantages to ice, however, such as stiffness, skin irritation, temporary pain and numbness, and the fact that it requires inactivity during application. Biofreeze offers the benefits of ice, and more. In a study of Biofreeze vs ice on acute uncomplicated neck pain, Biofreezewas found to be:
  • Nearly twice as powerful in relieving pain
  • Substantially more comfortable and convenient
  • Longer-lasting in 9 out of 10 patients
  • Generally preferred

Topical Cold Therapy vs. Oral Pain Relievers

Oral pain relievers are available over-the-counter or by prescription. More and more, people and professionals alike are considering topical analgesics like Biofreeze over oral options, because topical cold therapy pain relievers:

  • Offer non-addictive, targeted relief at the point of pain
  • Have minimal levels of systemic absorption, meaning a lower risk of systemic toxicity (overdose) or drug interaction
  • Are available without a prescription

Cold Therapy Plus Professional Care

Combining the soothing relief of cold therapy with the expert care of a health professional maximizes benefits for people in pain. That’s why we partner with chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists and podiatrists to bring people the best possible results in the office and between visits. 


DO I NEED A 12 STEP PROGRAM? And some other questions answered by a skincare junkie...

One thing most skincare systems have in common is the amount of steps involved. Common information about almost any skincare regime states the basic steps are: cleansing, toning, moisturizing, eye cream, and spf. In recent months, the 10-12 step protocols commonly found in Korean Skincare have been all the craze.

A few searches about Korean Skincare regimens will point you towards a number of intricate, multifaceted product lines. I know the first thing you brain questions is: Are 10 steps really necessary?! Based on our research, the answer is... Sometimes! Depending on your skin type, concerns and goals, every protocol will be different!

Luckily for us, Aveda has tapped into one of the most popular elements of these complex regimes that can fit in to ANYONE'S program, Skin Essences! (You may have heard them called softening lotions, conditioning lotions or watery lotions.)

**Drum roll**

Introducing the newest member of the Botanical Kinetics line: Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Treatment Lotion

BK hydrating lotion

  • This revolutionary product is a daily, 99% naturally derived* treatment lotion that helps provide instant hydration and maintain the skin's moisture balance.
  • It's aroma blend featuring rose and certified organic German camomile and eucalyptus will quench any skin type's thirst!
  • This water-thin fluid contains naturally derived* humectants, including sodium hyaluronate and a moisturizing algae blend to help provide instant hydration.

We mentioned two ingredients above that you may not be too familiar with. So let's take a second to learn a little about our skin's composition.
  • Sodium hyaluronate: is found naturally in the joints, eyes and skin. It's abundant in the dermis of young skin, and is what makes babies looks so supple and moist. Levels of this important compound decline with age.
  • Algae blend: Supplies skin & hair with natural minerals and vitamins, especially suitable for sensitive and irritated skin

These components work synergistically with the Botanical Kinetics exfoliant to prepare the skin for serums and moisturizers. Think of it as primer, the bus delivering the active ingredients of it's companion product passengers further and more efficiently.

CLICK HERE to experience this unique product during your next Aveda Facial!

To use: after cleansing and toning, pour a few drops into the hand and press into the skin with the fingertips. Apply before serums and moisturizers. Use morning and evening as a part of a daily skin care regimen.


DIY Aveda Baby Wipes

DIY Shampure Baby Wipes

These wipes are perfect for the family looking for a more natural alternative to care for their bundles of joy.

- Heavy duty paper towels (12 count)
- Shampure Hand and Body wash (5 pumps)
- Shampure Composition (10 drops)
- Distilled water (1 cup)
- Ziplock quart sized bag

In a large cup add the water, hand/body wash, composition, and stir.
Place paper towels in the ziplock bag. THen slowly start to add the water mixture making sure to get all the napkins wet but not too soggy.
You can add more or less of the the body wash and composition to make the wipes more aromatic. Just keep in mind that the more body wash you add the more soapy/bubbly your wipes will be.



Crunchy curls are a 90's throwback, so why use harsh gels and mouses to define your lovely locks when you can have soft, bouncy curls?

Textured hair is a challenge but if you use the right products you can tame your mane. First of all you don't want to brush or comb out curly hair. What you want to remember is the more you play with it, the bigger it gets. All curly hair is different so someone with fine, curly hair isn't going to use the same product or quantity of product as someone with thicker hair.

For someone with thick curly hair: use Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep. This product will defend against any humidity for up to 12 hours. You will also want to use Aveda Be Curly Style Prep, this product will add moisture to your hair and define your curls.
**With these two products you will only need one to two pumps and your thick curly hair will be manageably soft and flowing.

Now for those of you that have fine, curly hair: use the Be Curly Style Prep and Be Curly Enhancing Hair Spray. Both of these will tame down frizz, enhance and hold your curl while staying bouncy and soft.
**You will want to use half to one pump of both styling aids. All your product should be applied to wet hair.

No matter if it's fine or thick, the following rules will make you look great quick!

1. Apply the product to the ends of the hair, working your way up. If there is too much product close to your scalp it will look greasy faster.
2. You could diffuser to dry it but I recommend just letting it dry naturally to reduce the risk of any frizz.
3. If your curly hair has been feeling dry these products will help restore that moisture. Try to go with the amount of washing you can tolerate to help keep your natural oils in good balance.
4. If you need to wash your curly hair between styling, you can't live without Aveda Be Curly Co Wash. This is a sulfate free wash that will moisturize your hair and help define ringlets while adding natural humectants for healthy supple strands of curls!